Our core focus are value-add opportunities. These assets are typically well occupied at takeover but rent below market or have a clear value-add play, such as implementing utility bill-back. By implementing revenue-generators, curing deferred maintenance, adding and improving amenities, and taking steps to improve property appearance, we can usually continue to increase rents and generate substantial cash-flow for investors. A typical value-add play is $5,000-$9,000/unit in rehab budget.


These assets are typically well maintained and have high occupancy at takeover. These assets typically provide strong cash-flow from day 1, and have an opportunity to increase value through moderate interior upgrades. The rehab budget is typically on $1,000-$3000/unit.


These assets tend to have lots of deferred maintenance and suffer from high vacancy. With a strong rehab budget, these asset can typically be turned around and brought back to stabilization in 12-24 months, afterwards providing significant cash-flow or value for investors. The typical rehab budget is $6,000 to $15,000+ per unit.

Successful Investing comes down to 4 vital criteria: We need the right investor, the right property, in the right area, at the right time.

  • Accredited Investors that earn $200,000 a year, a household income of $300,000 or have a $1,000,000 net worth.
  • Investors that want to be part of a experienced real estate investment team
  • Investors that that want to create financial freedom through real estate.
  • Investors that understand the power of passive income
  • Multi family properties that are 20+ units
  • Multi family properties that range from $1MM – $10MM
  • Multi family properties that have “Value Add” components leaving signification cash flow opportunity
  • Multi family properties that are in emerging markets (great job and population growth)
  • Multi family properties that provided a 7-10% cash on cash return and a minimum DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) of 1.25
  • Multi family properties that are in C- to B+ neighborhoods and condition.
  • Job Growth: Is the local government committed to attracting jobs and making it easier for companies to grow ?
  • Population growth: Are there attractive reasons why people would want to uproot their lives and families and move there ?
  • Rents are continually raising: Are rents continue to go up as more jobs are created and more people move into the area ?
  • Property values are consistently going up: Have property values shown a consistent trend of increasing over time and with the other 3 above it is projected to continue ?
  • Right before explosive growth is about to happen
  • The area is in the middle of a steady climb
  • Right before a large company is going to open up operations in that city creating more opportunities and more jobs
  • When a property has deferred maintenance and poor management making the price lower and the opportunity greater
  • Before a property hits the market
  • 01 - CALL



  • 04 - SALE

  • 05 - REVALUATE



We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with brokers in strong and vetted real estate markets to get their “pocket listings” as well as partnering with banks to get access to banked owned properties (REO) that are far under market value. Each asset undergoes  thorough and strong due diligence process to make sure it is the right property in the right area sat the right time.

How we work:

Selecting an asset is at the heart of success. As we say “finding a property for sale is not our goal finding the right property in the right market is our goal.” After locating the right property we talk to investors, just like you, to see if the particular investment is right for and fits your investment goals. 

Identifying investors for us is not about looking for people that simply have the funds to invest, but rather share our philosophy and are the right fit for multi family investments.

Multi family investments is not a short term investment. It is a 3-7 year commitment that have payoffs north of 20% annual returns. This is a game of patient, methodical and meticulous investing. In the acquisition phase our company is looking for properties that can be sold in 3-7 years for an annual return of 15% or more.

The primary goal of our company is to preserve the initial investments of its investors while providing larger than normal cash on cash returns. We do this through investing in value add, B & C level multi family apartment buildings that are in emerging markets and position to appreciate in 3-7 years. We buy with the an exit strategy already in place. Historically, multi family apartment buildings have been the strongest and most reliable investment due to their ability to remain strong during economic uncertainty. When real estate markets crash, often multi family investments become more lucrative due to people’s desire to rent.

The trend speaks for itself. Millennials want to rent rather than own. Due to the lack of supply of multi family properties the future holds a rental market shortage which makes these properties more valuable and a more powerful investment vehicle.


Enjoy passive real estate income without the hassle of management.

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