Reggie The Investor believes in an open book policy. We want you to have full access to any information pertaining to deals in which you are invested. We are always here to answers any questions you may have and will provide any information you need to feel good and secure about your investments.


Reggie The Investor deeply operates from the CANEI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement) philosophy. We are always studying new markets, looking for new trends and applying cutting edge investments strategies ensuring you are getting the best deals available for your money.


The main philosophy of Reggie The Investor is to provide people with the freedom to give and the freedom to live. We want people to be able to live life on their terms. Our decisions are ran through the lens of what will provide the most freedom and ROI for our investors.


Reggie The Investor is a “Do what you say say what you do” company. When you are investing your hard earned money in a company you need to be able to trust them. We work hard to build and maintain the trust of our investors.


People are the point at Reggie The Investor. We do this to help as many people build wealth and freedom for their families as possible. We work hand in hand with our investors to ensure their success and make sure they reach their goals.


REGGIE UTHAYA | Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

Our goal is to generate wealth in the real estate sector by strategically investing in multifamily properties. We have a strong desire to assist others in achieving their objectives, and we are committed to making positive contributions whenever possible. Our approach involves conducting thorough research to identify promising investment opportunities that can provide attractive returns for our partners in joint ventures.

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